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Oak Ridge Elementary School

Mrs. Terri Bennett » Mrs. Terri Bennett

Mrs. Terri Bennett

Welcome to Mrs. Bennett's Pre Kindergarten page. Some of the greatest times of my life have been spent working with children. I began my teaching career in 2012 with a full time Kindergarten position at Oak Ridge, and in 2017 I was offered the opportunity to teach Pre Kindergarten. I have a wonderful husband, Steve, and together, we have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.


In addition to spending time with my family during my time away from school, I love to read and snuggle with my dog.  


I look forward to getting to know each of you as we take this Pre Kindergarten journey together. 


7:45-7:50                     KROR

7:50-8:20                 Breakfast

8:20-8:45                  Morning Meeting / Calendar / Social Emotional

8:45 -9:00                Math

9:00-9:30                 Math Centers

9:30-9:35                  Bathroom Break

9:35-9:55                  Recess

9:55-10:00               Wash Hands / Water Break

10:00-10:15              Read Aloud

10:15-10:30              ELAR

10:30-11:00              ELAR Centers       

11:00-11:15                 Science & Social Studies   

11:15-11:30                 Bathroom Break / Wash for Lunch

11:30-12:00              Lunch

12:00-12:10              Bathroom / Prepare for Nap

12:10-1:10                  Nap (conference until 1:05)

1:10-1:20                    Wake up / Bathroom Break

1:20-1:40                   Recess

1:40-1:45                    Wash Hands / Water Break

1:45-2:00                  Snack

2:00-2:30                Writing

2:30-2:45                 Gross Motor

2:45-3:00                 Closing Circle

3:00-3:10                 Pack up & Dismissal