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Oak Ridge Elementary School

Texas Tech Credit Union Awards Frenship Teachers with Classroom Cash

Over the last three years, TTCU has awarded approximately $50,000 to teachers in 23 school districts, allowing teachers to purchase needed supplies and materials for their lessons and classrooms. To win the cash, the teachers simply put their name into a raffle at the beginning of the school year.

“When we started this program several years ago, we really started to think about the people who impact our lives, and all of us had a teacher come to mind,” said Tyler Young, Business Development Director at TTCU. “We couldn’t think of a better way to invest in our teachers and students.”

With an oversized check in hand, Young surprised each of the three Frenship teachers in their classrooms. Oak Ridge Elementary third grade teacher Jennifer Harrison, Frenship Middle School math teacher Susannah Coppola, and Frenship High School social studies teacher Marilyn Melendez were all shocked to see they had each won $500.

“This is amazing, and it really means a lot,” said Coppola. “I plan to get math manipulatives and hands on things to use in the classroom. We’re always in need of things like that, and it will be perfect for math.”

With students cheering with excitement during the surprises, each teacher expressed their sincere gratitude for TTCU’s generosity. Young said he loves seeing the excitement and pure joy during the classroom visits, and he looks forward to the TTCU Classroom Cash Giveaway each year.  

“It really makes a difference in a kid’s life when they have a great teacher, and it sets them on a path to success. So, if we can support that through the teacher in the classroom, then that’s definitely something we want to be a part of,” said Young.

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