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Oak Ridge Elementary School

Oak Ridge Elementary Students Walk Through the History Agriculture

With the culture of Lubbock being heavily focused on agriculture and farming, the third-grade teachers at Oak Ridge Elementary thought it would be a great experience for students to see just how much work goes into farming and all it entails. 

The third-grade students excitedly arrived at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture earlier this month, where they received a tour of the whole museum. They got to explore an old train that helped haul cotton across the world. Students went on a walkthrough of an old house, which explained how they had to live and survive while working in the fields.  

Students learned how tractors work in the field, how to pump water for irrigation systems, and all the history that began the life of agriculture. They got to see how farmers have planted and grown crops over the years, as well as inventors and new inventions that made harvesting crops easier throughout history. Students were able to plant their own seeds in a water cup to take home and hopefully watch them grow! 

Field trips such as this one, allow students to make real world connections and understand the hard work it takes to keep our world going. They get that hands on experience and knowledge of the time, effort, and work that is needed for things they might not necessarily think about or take for granted. 


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