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Oak Ridge Elementary School

Pre-K Pet Show and Tell

The students in the Pre-Kindergarten classes at Oak Ridge spent the week learning about pets - from what different types of pets there are to how to take care of them. They also participated in different activities involving pets, like graphing who in the class had pets and who wanted pets. The students wrapped up their lessons by having their parents bring their pets to school for a special show and tell. 
The Pre-K Teachers at Oak Ridge, Terri Bennett and Elizabeth Burks, thought the show and tell would be a good opportunity for students to see the different types of pets and to learn more about caring for all different types of creatures. Students who couldn't physically bring their pets could bring photos to show their classmates. The students got to meet several different types of pets including dogs, fish, and a snail named Nature. 
"The kids enjoy it. It's a lot of fun, it's a good way to learn about responsibility," said Burks.