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Oak Ridge Elementary School

Frenship Hosts TEPSA Leadership Training for Area Elementary Students

For several years now, Frenship has played host to the TEPSA student leadership workshop, inviting elementary student council officers from across the area to come and learn together. In addition to hosting, several Frenship elementary student councils attended the workshop, including representatives from Willow Bend Elementary, Bennett Elementary, and Oak Ridge Elementary.  

The leadership workshop helps the students learn what it means to be a leader and allows them to meet students from other schools, where they can get new ideas for the upcoming school year.    

Willow Bend student council supervisor, Elisa Gonzales, says the impact of the training went far beyond learning about leadership and it allowed the students grow closer. 

“The students bonded during their time at the conference. On the way over to Casey the ride was quiet and calm, but one the way back they were chatting and laughing. They defiantly became closer and better friends.” 

Students participating in the training dive into all aspects of being the leaders of the school and discuss leadership qualities, such as what it takes to be a good leader, how to think outside the box and how sometimes a good leader listens.

The students take what they learned back to the rest of their student council members. This event also provides an opportunity for the sponsors to collaborate and learn from each other to better serve their campuses.