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Oak Ridge Elementary School

Two Frenship Elementary Teams Earn Awards at GEAR Championships

At the championships, both Oak Ridge Elementary teams earned awards for their robots. Team One, consisting of fifth graders Keelie Baker, Yoonseon Cho, Ridhi Bhende, and Mia Mendez, won “The Most Elegant Robot” Award for the cloak that their robot sported during the tournament. 

This year’s tournament was “Festival of Friendship”, and it followed a medieval theme. Their robot, Jamal Jr., wore a royal mantle. The award is for a robot that stands out and has that WOW! factor. 

Oak Ridge Team 3 consisting of fourth graders Edison Gong, Elliott Frias, Ellis Hudgens, and Emma Price, won the “Judges Award”. During the tournament, judges walk around and speak to and question team members about their robots, attachments, and programs. Something that the team said or did impressed the judges, and they were awarded the Judges Award.  

“We are very proud of our team,” said Erica Palm, Oak Ridge Robotics Sponsor. “They worked hard, and it certainly paid off.” 

During the robotics season, students learned how to build a robot, build attachments that can push, pull, pick up, and put down objects, and, more importantly, how to work with others. Students worked with their own teams and helped each other build and program. The whole Oak Ridge team came together at various times during the season to help one another accomplish their goals.