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Oak Ridge Elementary School

47 Frenship Students Compete at South Plains Regional Science Fair

Fourth and fifth-grade students from Frenship ISD participated in the Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the United Supermarkets Arena on the campus of Texas Tech University. This fair welcomes elementary students from across the region. A total of 47 students from all eight Frenship elementary schools participated. 

Congratulations to all the Frenship students on another great year at the Regional Science and Engineering Fair! Check out the list of Frenship science fair participants below! 


  • Piper King, 4th grade  
  • Jake Martin, 4th grade 
  • Clint Smith, 4th grade 
  • Benson Marsh, 5th grade 
  • Ryan Cochran, 5th grade 
  • Cassie Serr, 5th grade 


  • Evyn Cristan, 4th grade - South Plains Electric Cooperative Energy Award 
  • Bella Pistoria, 5th grade 
  • Lily Whitley, 5th grade 


  • Kylie Creager, 4th grade 
  • Ali Fraga, 5th grade 
  • Aiden Neudorf, 5th grade 
  • Emma Roney, 5th grade 
  • Josiah Szcyubialka, 5th grade - Outstanding Historical or Cultural project by Lubbock Lake Landmark 

North Ridge  

  • Owen Copeland, 4th grade 
  • Allison Garcia, 4th grade 
  • Sawyer Cobb, 4th grade 
  • Wyatt Wall, 4th grade 
  • Mackenzie Ramos, 5th grade - Lubbock Lake Landmark Natural History & Cultural Award 
  • Elli Rivas, 5th grade 
  • Sophia Tafoya, 5th grade 
  • Aria Sais, 5th grade 
  • Connor Richards, 5th grade 
  • Damien Gutierrez, 5th grade 
  • Audrey Schoonover, 5th grade - Lubbock Lake Landmark Natural History & Cultural Award 

Oak Ridge  

  • Scarlett Futrell, 4th grade - SPRSEF Certificate of Excellence 
  • Rosario Martinez, 4th grade 
  • Colby Thompson, 4th grade 
  • Emily Wells, 4th grade 
  • Ellis Hudgens, 5th grade 
  • Owen Jack, 5th grade 

Upland Heights 

  • Breslyn Bennett, 5th grade 
  • Amira Dildakhan, 5th grade 
  • Liam Hargrove, 5th grade - 1st place medal Outstanding STEM Project 
  • Sawyer Johnson, 5th grade 
  • Abigail Madewell, 5th grade - Outstanding STEM Project 
  • Avyn Patel, 5th grade - 1st place Medal 
  • Drayven Taggart, 5th grade 


  • Tallin Baxter, 5th grade - 1st Place trophy for 5th grade Physical Science 
  • Brayden Bela, 5th grade 
  • Emery Picon, 5th grade 

Willow Bend 

  • Deacon Crooks, 4th grade 
  • Micah McNaughtan, 4th grade 
  • Harrison Nuffer, 4th grade 
  • Liam Carr, 5th grade 
  • Brylee Hensley, 5th grade 
  • Cason Pratt, 5th grade 
Click on the image below for photo album: 
Regional Science Fair