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Frenship ISD Announces New Mascot and Colors for Frenship Memorial High School


Frenship Memorial High School will open in August of 2025 as Frenship ISD celebrates its 90th birthday. The selection of a new mascot and colors for the second high school marks a historic day in Frenship’s history.

“Right now, I’m part of a brand-new beginning for a new generation of kids. It has been very exciting,” said Heritage Middle School eighth grader Ben Trevey who served on the Spirit Committee and helped present the mascot recommendation at the school board meeting. “It is a great honor to be a part of Frenship Memorial High School’s history, and it’s been a fun experience.”

In February, a Frenship Memorial Spirit Committee was created to develop decision-making criteria for the mascot and colors for Frenship Memorial High School. This committee consisted of Terra Vista Middle School and Heritage Middle School students like Trevey who will be the first to attend Frenship Memorial, Frenship High School seniors, parents, Frenship alumni, Frenship staff, and community partners.

After a week of taking mascot and color suggestions from the Frenship community and students, the Spirit Committee reviewed more than 5,200 suggestions that were submitted. Using that data, along with feedback and the decision-making criteria, the committee narrowed down some of the most popular mascot and color selections for a student vote.

On April 8-9, the Lubbock County Elections Office brought in voting machines to provide an unforgettable experience for the Heritage and Terra Vista students to have the final say and vote on their new Frenship Memorial mascot and a color that will be paired with Frenship Blue, the common color that will be used across the district. With an overwhelming majority of the student votes, Panthers was the winning mascot choice, and bright blue was the winner for the second color.

“It was exciting. It’s something new, something fresh, something fierce,” said Haven Torres, a Terra Vista eighth grader and Spirit Committee member. “We got to be a part of history to start Frenship Memorial High School.”

Following the school board meeting, surprise pep rallies were held at Heritage and Terra Vista to announce the winning student votes. The students’ cheers echoed throughout the gym as they cheered for their winning mascot and color. “Their voices matter most,” said Frenship ISD Superintendent, Dr. Michelle McCord. “I think they’ll look back with appreciation about being part of the process and taking ownership of their new school.”

To stay up to date on the construction, spirit-related decisions, and the opening of Frenship Memorial High School, visit the Frenship ISD Bond 2020 page.