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Oak Ridge Elementary School

Talking with Tigers: Child Abuse Prevention Month

What is Child Abuse Prevention Month?

Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time to shine a light on ways to prevent, recognize, and report child abuse.  This can be through connecting families with community groups and organizations as well as educating how to report suspected child abuse.  It is also a time for children who are in abusive situations to see that there are trusted adults in their school and community who care about them and their overall well-being.

What kind of training do our Frenship ISD staff go through to help prevent, identify, and report child abuse?

All Frenship ISD employees receive training at the beginning of each school year from campus counselors on how to identify signs of abuse and neglect.  They also learn the laws about reporting and the ways to make a report of suspected abuse or neglect.  Our campus counselors and crisis intervention counselors supply additional training and support for school employees throughout the school year to ensure our staff is fully prepared to meet the needs of all our students.

Are there any resources available at Frenship ISD for our parents and community members concerning child abuse and neglect?

Yes, we have many resources available on our Frenship ISD Counseling website that highlight the ways to report suspected abuse, how to recognize the signs of abuse, as well as prevention and positive parenting tips. The website also contains information on internet safety, human trafficking, fentanyl poisoning awareness, social emotional activities, and crisis resources.

How can our Frenship families help in the fight against child abuse?

Education is the key to help prevent child abuse.  This includes adults being aware of the signs of abuse and children knowing a trusted adult they can turn to if they ever experience any abuse or neglect.  If you are a trusted adult for a child and receive information of any abuse that is taking place, you are encouraged to contact Child Protective Services directly and report any information you may have.

For more information on Child Abuse Prevention Month and resources, visit our Child Abuse and Prevention webpage.

Child Protective Services reporting phone number: 1-800-252-5400